Diamond Faith Sterling is an inner-city girl fashioned by her environment where crime, poverty and injustice abound and childhood dreams too often become dreams deferred. She has decided that, while society has denied her any chance to enter Heaven (to go to college, to become a professional), she will accept nothing less than ruling Hell (the inner-city and the streets of East Oakland). This one time street-corner drug-pusher transforms herself into a gritty queenpin: the ruthless leader of a multimillion-dollar narcotics syndicate as builds her empire piece by bloody piece. More and more, she desires to (in the parlance of the inner-city) flip her moneyRead More →

Chyna Azzino-Milano is a famous fashion mogul and supermodel known throughout the world. Forbes Magazine has listed her as one of the top ten richest African-Americans in the world, with a net worth of 550 million dollars. What follows is a tale of how a young girl rose from the urban life of the inner-city streets of East Oakland to the exclusive suburbs of New York, London and Florence and the hights of the fashion world. However, the major complication in her life comes from being HIV-positive. Healthy, she easily hides her illness from her fans and friends alike (of which only a few knowRead More →

PAMELA M. JOHNSON TOUR 3:30 pm Saturday, February 28/OAKLAND Mahogany Pages Book Club Reading & Signing Location (TBA) Oakland, California 94610 6:00 pm Thursday, March 18/SAN FRANCISCOSan Francisco State University, Student Union, Room C-112, Reading & Signing 1600 Holloway Avenue San Francisco, California 94132 11:00 am Thursday, April 15/SAN FRANCISCOSan Francisco City College/Southeast Campus/Community Room Reading & Signing 1800 Oakdale Avenue San Francisco, California 94124 12:30 pm Wednesday, May 6/SAN FRANCISCOAlexander Book Company Reading & Signing 50 Second Street San Francisco, California 94105 11:00 a.m. Saturday, May 8/SAN FRANCISCOFocus 2000 Reading & Signing 1625 Ocean Avenue San Francisco, California 94112 6:00 pm Saturday, May 22/OaklandBates HouseRead More →

What made you write I’ll Cry Tomorrow? Writing is my passion. I like to entertain people with it. I wanted to tell the story of a black woman from urban America, influenced by urban life – who, in spite of the odds of excelling stacked against her, attains the American Dream. I wanted to tell the story of a woman who had an obvious faith in God and whose faith was the epitome of her existence. I wanted to tell a story that people could identify with, and that is the story of overcoming obstacles and rising to fame. Are any characters in the novelRead More →