A Letter From The Publisher

macavelliDear Reader:

There are cultures and subcultures in this world that are shrouded in mystery and stereotype. Some of the people who comprise these cultures have a dualistic nature and live in two diametrically opposed worlds, so to speak. Scholar W.E.B. Dubois, in his famed essay, calls these two worlds, “the world inside the veil,” (the urban world) and “the world outside the veil” (society at large, where we go to work, school, etc). While Macavelli Press certainly gives voice to those writers from the world inside the veil, it also acknowledges that the world today extends beyond these two realms into a global consciousness, and, therefore, proposes to expand the minds of our readers by introducing literary works of writers from all walks of life.

Accordingly, it will attempt to bridge the perceptive gap between these sometimes antithetical worlds, its inhabitants and their ideas, philosophies and opinions. With this said, Macavelli Books are for those sincerely interested in learning about various world cultures and subcultures and about the conception of their respective ideologies. Our novels represent a sense of pride in being the first press to explore these realms both in the U.S. and abroad.

Macavelli is a platform for writers who are inhabitants of various distinct world cultures and subcultures to share their thoughts and approaches to life with the common people, producing a forum that creates awareness and enhances solidarity. Macavelli educates peoples across the globe about what is going on in the world around them. In particular, it lifts the veil off of the frequently underrepresented urban culture, exposing it, unabashedly, to the rest of the world. Our books are for parents, grandparents, educators, ministers, counselors and others outside of this unique world subculture that interact with urban peoples and sincerely want to know more. Macavelli’s editorial team carefully chooses each novel as they strive to offer the reader diverse insight and understanding. We look to publish works breaking barriers, asserting new perspectives and/or expanding on current ones. At Macavelli, we want you to know that this is your press, too. We need your voice to help us evolve into the press you want it to be. We are here to serve the needs of our readers.

Send me an email at publishers@macavelli.com to express yourself about the kinds of stories, novels, anthologies that interest you, the ones you want to read about. We will make those novels, books and anthologies happen for you. This is our editorial pledge: to listen to you.

With this said, I present Macavelli Press to you along with our first two novels, From A Hard Rock to a Gem: A Memoir of a Lost Soul, and I’ll Cry Tomorrow. Enjoy.

Welcome to Macavelli Press where we bring the urban culture to the world & the world to the urban culture.

Pamela M. J.