Opportunities for Published Authors

If you are a published author (including self published) Macavelli would like to help you in your promotion endeavors. We welcome you to submit your novel to us for consideration as our Feature of the Month novel in our book club.

We have two book clubs Macavelli Online Book Club (which meets the last Saturday of the month online) and Macavelli Book Club which meet in various cities throughout the U.S. and abroad.

If we select your novel, we ask that you sponsor a local inner-city book club at an inner-city school or community based not-for-profit organization by donating up to twenty copies of your novel to its members. In the contest section of our web site these schools and organizations have the option to enter this contest. Also, if we select your novel, we ask that you be available for one hour to chat online on the Saturday that the Macavelli Online Book Club meets (see the Macavelli Online Chat Schedule for more information).


At Macavelli, we support authors and their literary endeavors. Members of our editorial team along with our volunteers also write novel reviews for authors. If you are an author and would like for Macavelli to review your fortcoming novel send it to us 3-6 months before your publishing date and be sure to include your contact information and your deadline for our response.

You can contact us here:

Macavelli Press
San Francisco, California 94109


Because of the overwhelming response we receive to write reviews, regrettably we may not be able to review your book. Please note that novels will note be returned even if they are not selected for review by our editorial team and/or volunteers.