Macavelli Press Mission Statement

More than fifty thousand books are published annually in the U.S. and, strikingly, only eighty of these titles reflect the words of African American authors. Macavelli Press was created to address this void in publishing.

With stories that examine the dualistic nature of human existence as reflected in the lives of urban dwellers in the United States and abroad, Macavelli Books bring readers into this world “inside the veil,” as the renowned W.E.B. Dubois referred to the urban realm in his popular and well-received essay, The Souls of Black Folks. Our books give readers an unsparing, candid, and often controversial look at the realities people face in and outside their communities and a general understanding of how people who are a product of this environment arrive at their ideas, philosophies, and opinions.

book-690763_640Dubois raises an interesting and irrefutable point in his essay as he discusses his view on the dualistic nature of human existence. Denoting his perspectives of the Black-American experience, including the survival challenges they face individually and as a group. He describes the Black community as “the world within the veil” because those who reside outside do not have an accurate understanding of how these citizens are socialized and treated in society. Moreover, they are unable to practically identify with the character development so commonly produced in those who reside in this environment. Ultimately, “foreigners” to this world cannot mentally nor socially grasp the way this subculture is created, nurtured, and sustained. Moreover, due to propaganda graphically broadcast by the media, “the world within the veil” is construed as a “dark world” and frequently associated with stereotypes that carry negative connotations. On the other hand, “the world outside the veil” is considered a more positive venue and commonly referred to as, “The White Man’s World,” epitomizing a totally different frame of mind. In reality, both perspectives are NOT absolute. The views on the “dark world” and “the world outside the veil” are intriguing because, although they appear to be two diametrically opposed communities, one is actually a microcosm of the other.

The world outside the veil is representative of the world where Anglo-Americans (a.k.a. Caucasians) live and have significant influence. With the exception of law enforcement officials, social workers, activists, and community leaders, who act out of sheer necessity, Caucasians generally choose not to interact with “the world inside the veil,” except on occasion or as a matter of convenience.

In analyzing other cultures and subcultures in the 21st Century from a global perspective, we observe that they, too, are alienated from “the world outside the veil,” and, in some ways, reflect a mirrored image of this world. Macavelli takes Dubois’ ideas into consideration and has adopted the objective of tapping into new markets created by the rapid shift of America’s demography from white and rural to multi-ethnic and urban and its influence on countries abroad.

At Macavelli Press we acknowledge that “the world inside the veil” is broader than that of African American and urban life in the United States and expands beyond the borders of race, ideologies, culture, sex, and feminism, etc. Without forcing this underrepresented culture (African American) to lose their unique identity, we also seek to publish works of fiction and non-fiction by authors who are from these diverse groups. Consequently, we will offer new perspectives on spirituality, gender, age, race, ethnicity, sexuality, and so much more as perceived through the eyes of writers throughout the multitude of cultures and subcultures spanning the globe. As a result, we will take our readers inside the obscurities of these other world cultures and subcultures. Thus, we will introduce its citizens to stories of both fiction and non-fiction that permeate these worlds. With this said, it should be understood that Macavelli Press exists to bridge a cultural gap between people here in the U.S. and abroad. And it should be understood that we seek to ignite a universal fusion of thoughts and ideas by publishing the literary voices of these people.